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Talking is silver. Writing is gold.
Whether print, web, product descriptions or user manuals – I give your brand a voice. Tell your story with lyrics that do not miss their impact.
If you fancy a text sample, just contact me!


What do all the big brands, their image and their products have? A Strategy.
I accompany individual entrepreneurs and small companies from idea to implementation, to give their company an identity. Let's bring your brand to life!


What, when and how do you communicate with your customers? More than you realize, more often than you may know and different from what you may think. The good news is that you can control a lot of it. 

Strategic CRM
Customer Relationship Management does not start with the use of software but with the customer-oriented, strategic way of thinking. Get to know and love your customers (data) and find out what they really want – it pays off!

Life-cycle marketing
From the interested visitor to the paying customer, it is a long way. Let's work together to find the most important touchpoints in your customer's life cycle and then communicate exactly what you want and your customer needs.

Email marketing
Email marketing can do so much more than spam. I'll show you how it works – from choosing the right software to workshops in your company, the first successful campaign, to integration into your company's overall communication strategy.


Among other things, I was already able to support the following companies:

POSTER AM LKW GmbH – Social Media (support of several platforms)

Salzburg Literature Forum Reading Lamp – Email Marketing (technical set-up, introduction)

Praxis55 – E-Mail Marketing (technical set-up, introduction and support), social media (building Facebook appearance), texts

PokerStars.de – CRM & Life-Cycle Marketing (Strategy and Implementation)

GemeinsamLösen – positioning & concept in the start-up phase; Concept web and print

Team Finance – Email Marketing (technical set-up, introduction)

Symptoma GmbH – CRM & Life-Cycle Marketing (concept, consulting workshop)